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Even if you have never heard of the word Vialiks, you have heard of it. You might just have heard about it under its brand name Viagra. Sildenafil is the name of the drug that is being sold under the name Viagra and these days you can get generic sildenafil that does the same as Viagra, only costing a great deal less. Vialiks is developed by the pharmaceutical company to treat problems with achieving an erection and maintaining it during the sex. In medical terms, Sildenafil is made to treat problems of Erectile dysfunction (ED).

Its myriad different natural ED products that are being flogged all over the web these days, and in the last decade to be perfectly honest.

Why is this drug better than natural medicines?

Well, first, there is one huge distinction that needs to be made. Vialiks is a pharmaceutical drug and natural products for ED are, well, natural products. And if you thought that this is not too big a deal and that it is pretty much all the same only with one product using pharmaceutical synthetic drugs and the other using natural ingredients, well, let’s just say that you are wrong. These two are actually completely different classes of products.

On one hand, sildenafil is, from its design, through its development, its introduction onto the market all the way to the manufacturing process, regulated by the FDA here in the US and other national regulatory agencies that are making sure no one gets hurt and that only effective medications are available on the market. This means that Vialiks had to be tested before it was allowed to be sold, it had to be shown to be efficient and its safety was also under much scrutiny. In short, you are getting a medication that does exactly what it is advertised to do and that is not unsafe.

On the other hand, natural ED products are regulated by pretty much no one, and they can be sold as soon as they can prove that they are not toxic to the person taking them. Everything else is up for debate and up for the manufacturers to make up claims, saying that their products work just as same as sildenafil, only without the harmful ingredients. This is, simply put, nonsense. First, their products work as well as a sandwich for your erectile dysfunction, and they are not the safest products out there, non-regulated and often involving certain very dangerous ingredients. And the worst thing is that they are not even required to inform you about all this.

In the end, it all comes down to an actually very simple dilemma. Do you go for a product that has science behind it and clinical studies, or do you go for a product whose only selling point is that it contains nothing but natural ingredients? When you come to think of it, it is not much of a selling point, is it?

Why should I trust a new drug?

The pharmaceutical company IRIMH has conducted numerous tests of the effectiveness and safety of the new drug before it went on sale. Folk remedies do not give any guarantees.

Vialiks is a male sexual enhancing aid that has pretty much overnight revolutionized the pharma industry as far as sexual stimulants are concerned, and has had a major success.

Since it has become so popular, Sildenafil has had not just bad rep to deal with but the torrent of small non-brand named similar drugs that produce effects similar to Viagra’s but were not as powerful not as safe, all going under the name Viagra online. It created a pretty large black market for the drug which is why it has had to be monitored much more closely, rising its cost for the end-user a bit. Now a generic is created that you can truly trust. This is confirmed by quality certificates.

Now, as to what benefits does Vialiks use have – it helps men with erectile dysfunction to get harder and longer-lasting erections, improving the sexual encounter quality by quite a lot. It is a pretty much universal drug that will have its positive effects on any man.

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*This information is provided by the medical officer Dr. Nathan Edouard, a licensed physician IRIMH Company. The NPI Number for Dr. Nathan Edouard is 1255679395 and he holds a License No. PS48399.