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Sildenafil is the drug behind the Vialiks brand. Namely, Vialiks is a new brand name for this drug that is also available as a drug used for certain types of hypertension. However, it is still far more popular as an ED drug and now that you can get generic sildenafil at much lower prices, it will become more popular than ever.

This article is aimed at people who are going to take Vialiks as well as at those who are thinking about it but are not certain whether it is safe enough for them. Namely, here, we discuss the potential side effects of this drug, and we also talk about the interactions with other medications. We want to discuss this as we believe it might help some people make a decision on whether this medication is something they would be interested in.

We will start with the possible interactions between sildenafil and some other medications that you might be taking for some other conditions. Interactions can often be the most serious safety aspect of medication and the same is true for sildenafil. Namely, there are a number of different drugs that can interact with this drug and it is essential that you never take sildenafil if you are taking certain medications and vice versa. Luckily, your doctor will most probably know about your previous treatments, and they will let you in on this.

Never combine!

The first class of drugs that will interact with sildenafil are nitrite and nitrate drugs. These are some of the most common medications used for certain cardiovascular, mostly heart conditions, and they should never be combined with sildenafil. If they are, the interaction can lead to such a low blood pressure that it might put your life in danger.

Other medications that might interact with sildenafil include:

– bosentan;

– cimetidine;

– conivaptan;

– imatinib;

– isoniazid;

– rifampin;

– some antidepressants;

– some antibiotics;

– some antifungal drugs;

– some blood pressure;

– heart medications as well as certain HIV/AIDS medicines.

Vialiks is a potent drug with high efficiency, so it is undesirable to combine it with alcohol.

The medicine should be taken by elderly patients over the age of 70 with extreme caution.

If you have serious neurological disorders, chronic diseases, then be sure to consult your doctor!

Side effects: more benefits than threats

Side effects are not at all that common with Vialiks. For instance, the most common side effects like headaches, back pains and flushing only occur in less than 10% of the patients, let alone some more serious side effects that indicate that there is something wrong with your treatment. Still, you need to know about these as they have to be discussed with the doctor at once and as they mean you have to stop using Vialiks immediately.

These include:

– sudden loss of vision or hearing;


– short breath;

– ringing in the ears;

– swelling in the feet;

ankles or hands;

– irregular heartbeat;

– chest pains and heavy feeling;

-pain that spreads to the arm;

– fainting;

– vision changes;

-prolonged and painful erections.

Like all other good things in this world, Vialiks can cause some side effects. It is quite normal that it will make you feel a bit dizzy, or light-headed. Ears ringing and blurry vision is also quite normal, and all of these symptoms are caused by vascular system relaxation. Since Vialiks makes your blood vessels relax and let the blood flow in your penis, it will also take down the pressure in other parts of your body. Usually, in a matter of minutes or hours the side effects will fade. Still, it has been recorded that in a few cases usage of this drug caused permanent loss of hearing and vision. It happened mostly because there were some conditions that users weren’t aware of. That’s good enough reason to have a chat with your doctor prior to using this drug.

We would also like to add that if you feel strange while having sex after taking sildenafil, feeling lightheaded, feeling tingling, numbness or pain in your arms, chest or jaw, make sure to stop what you are doing and call the physician at once.

This drug has undergone numerous tests and has proven effective and safe when taken correctly.

Side effects of sexual dysfunction are more serious than possible harm from pills

The benefits of defeating erectile dysfunction are many, and we can’t even begin to name them all here, but for starters, it dramatically increases your confidence. Each man can testify that his “mini-me” is also his best friend and most prized possession, and we think Joey Tribiani said it best: “If Little Joey’s dead, I’ve got no reason to live!”. While that is overly satirized, and exaggerated, and we are not all as successful with the ladies like Matt Le Blanc’s character from “Friends”, we can all imagine the horror of the little guy not responding. Furthermore, sex is extremely healthy, for both the body and mind, so if there is a way to make sure we have quality sexual intercourse that lasts, that definitely sounds better than just going to the gym.

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