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The physicians at our center are committed to the wellness of every patient. A thorough examination is conducted before any treatments are recommended.

Our doctors meticulously review all the information pertaining to your condition and create a customized treatment plan for you or your loved one. The doctors participate in ongoing education in their field.

Dr. Nathan Edouard, urologist

Dr. Nathan Edouard, is a Licensed Clinical Pharmacist, and Sexual Clinical Consultant. Dr. Edouard brings about a holistic approach in dealing with sexual related issues, the importance of understanding and managing medical conditions that impact sexual intimacy, addressing any other pertinent factors like mental depression and anxiety, implementation of highly effective behavioral therapy techniques to improve sexual desire and of course always making sure the client is comfortable enough to discuss matters that may otherwise be uncomfortable to disclose.

It is very important to reach out to a health care practitioner or your primary care physician to discuss sex-related matters that negatively impacts your health. A delay in the standard of care could precipitate into something more serious and life-threatening. We urge you, if you have any concerns about your medical condition or want to improve your sexual intimacy, you are not alone! Speak to our specialist today, and let him help you get back on track to a more fulling love life.

Thomas M. Bashore, MD, cardiologist

Cardiologist, cardiac surgeon Michael Bashore has a huge experience in his specialty.

Expert in :

  • Radial angioplasty
  • Primary angioplasty
  • Peripheral angioplasty (Carotid& Peripheral)
  • Various clinical trials
  • Heart failure cases
  • FFR (Fractional Flow Reserve)
  • Cardiac resynchronization therapy  (CRT)

Dr. Thomas provides services for the diagnosis of heart diseases, advises adults and children, prescribes the most effective treatment.

Dr. Jere L. Robinson MD, family medicine

Dr. Jere L. Robinson MD is a primary caregiver specializing in one-on-one, personalized medical attention for all of his patients.  At our medical clinic we believe that medical practice is not a process or an assembly line, but a chance to help our patients find wellness through professional care, and friendly, individualized attention.

Dr. Robinson specializes in the following medical areas:

  • Internal Medicine
  • General Practice
  • Primary Care
  • Family Medicine

We understand that your medical care is important to you, and everyone at our clinic will strive to give you the professional courtesy you deserve. 

Dr. Robinson treats patients of any age. Patients with acute and chronic diseases turn to him for help. The doctor has extensive experience in the treatment of hypertension, two types of diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias and ischemia. It treats acute viral and infectious diseases. When contacting the clinic, the doctor will prescribe the necessary tests for you and establish an accurate diagnosis based on the results. Dr. Robinson pays special attention to the early diagnosis of cancer and heart disease.

Rachel Kirschbaum, medical assistant

Formerly employed by Regional Hospital as a medical records Technologist, Rachel oversees surgery scheduling in our medical center. Rachel’s sweet southern charm and gentle caring demeanor are only emphasized our goal of excellent patient care.

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Our clinic is a modern healthcare provider at the cutting edge of today’s most useful health technologies.  Still, we believe that is no reason to provide our patients with anything less than friendly, hometown country care.  We want to earn the trust of all our patients.

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*This information is provided by the medical officer Dr. Nathan Edouard, a licensed physician IRIMH Company. The NPI Number for Dr. Nathan Edouard is 1255679395 and he holds a License No. PS48399.