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There are many ways of how people define happiness and when it comes to men, one of the things that make the men happy is their sexual life. It has been common knowledge for thousands of years how men value the ability that relates them to their vital organs. There is not much change in belief from that time up to the present day that men are devastated if they have problems with that. Of the many vital-organ-related problems that men go through, erectile dysfunction is the one that is mostly suffered.

How does erectile dysfunction take place?

To have a better understanding of how erectile dysfunction occurs, first we have to know how erection takes place.

  1. A man has an erection when he is sexually stimulated.

This brings chemicals from the endings of the nerves in his vital organ to be released which becomes the trigger of a chain of sequences. First, the muscle in the erecting penis body relaxes. Next, this smooth muscle takes control over the blood flow into the erecting penis. Along with this muscle relaxation process taking place, the blood flow rushes to the penis body and it causes the penis to be rigid and full. This is when an erection occurs. With the erection bodies getting enlarged, the penis naturally compresses the channels of venous drainage resulting in an erection that takes a while.

  • As a response to what a man sees, hears, smells and touches, an erection results because they also stimulate the brain.

From the brain, what is seen, heard, smelled, and touched are sent to the centers of the nerves that are located at the spine base in which major fibers of the nerves have a connection to the penis and control the flow of the blood during and after an erection.

  • While an erection is always represented by the penile body solely.

There are actually other body parts that are involved in the process i.e. system of central nerves and system of peripheral nerves. They are the parts of the body that relate to the psychology of a man. The psychological factors affect the blood flow process.

In the event that one or more of the aforementioned factors is disturbed, a man may experience erectile dysfunction as a result of the disruptions. In a simple conclusion, erectile dysfunction means the inability of a man to accomplish and maintain his erection that is adequate for satisfying intercourse mutually with his spouse.

 What causes erectile dysfunction?

 Generally, there are two principal factors that cause erectile dysfunction; i.e. psychology and physic. For the psychological factors, they are also known as a mental cause while for the physical factors, they are also called organic factors or the factors that have a relation to the organ of the body.

 Let us start to get to know erectile dysfunction causes from the first factor that is the psychological factor.

  1. The psychological aspect relates closely to how a man feels about something.

The normal function of sex is highly likely to get interfered by such certain feelings as nervousness or even self-consciousness regarding sex, feeling that your present relationship is in trouble, stress at the office or at home.

  • Having erectile dysfunction due to the psychological factors, a man will feel even more depressed by the reaction shown by his partner.

For such a situation, it is called performance anxiety and this may lead to a worse condition that should be addressed by your physician.

The other triggering factors of erectile dysfunction are the organic aspects; that is the failure of erection caused by the body organs. When the organs have disturbances, they affect the process of the erection terribly. There are several organic disturbances that are described below:

 – Respiratory and Systemic disease including Hemachromatosis – when the blood has an excessive amount of iron, liver cirrhosis.

– Scleroderma – when the skin gets hardened or stiffened, Kidney failure.

– Any diseases affecting the system of nerves which are normally related to erectile dysfunction such as Stroke, Epilepsy, Parkinson, Multiple sclerosis.

– For those who are over 50 years old, vascular diseases take up almost fifty percent of the entire cases.

– Hormone imbalance is also often related to erectile dysfunction.

Your physician, in an attempt of identifying an organic cause for an accurate treatment, is usually going to examine several conditions which include male hormone level, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and perform certain technique to determine whether a patient has a vascular disease, prostate cancer, or diabetes. These are also frequently associated with erectile dysfunction. With a thorough examination, your physician will be able to accurately prepare the appropriate treatment that gets right to the source of the erectile dysfunction causes. The success of the treatment is determined by a patient’s physical and psychological condition as a whole.

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*This information is provided by the medical officer Dr. Nathan Edouard, a licensed physician IRIMH Company. The NPI Number for Dr. Nathan Edouard is 1255679395 and he holds a License No. PS48399.