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The greatest fear that a man has is the fear of failing in bed. This has been the centuries and when a man experiences some troubles in his sexual life, he can be really devastated, especially when it comes to the problem of erection. In fact, many men experience troubles with erection and this is really a big problem for them, even embarrassing. However, in the modern times that we live in, there is a solution for almost anything, and so people have come up with a fine solution for this as well and it is called Vialiks.

Of course, nowadays this issue is becoming less of a taboo thanks to the innumerable prescription drugs that help you get rid of this nasty problem, however, the question is how much do you actually know about these drugs? You have definitely known that erectile dysfunction drugs enable you to achieve a healthy and durable erection, but it is likely you aren’t familiar with other details, some of which are important. In this brief article, we will give you some basic information on Vialiks treating erectile dysfunction are made.

How does Vialiks actually work?

To know that, you need to know about how an erection works. Penile erection happens when the penis is engorged with blood. That’s right, there are no bones in boner, it’s all about blood pressure and muscles keeping it erect. Some drugs handle erectile dysfunction issues by regulating the blood flow, but Vialiks takes a different approach – making sure that the erection you achieve stays around for much longer. It does that by regulating PDE5 enzyme (phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme), an enzyme that works as a muscle relaxant that body produces naturally at the same time the erection happens, it’s an enzyme that helps the penile muscles relax. By inhibiting this enzyme you make sure that you increase you’re staying power by a fair part, but this kind of magic bullet pill does have it’s negative sides. First, it will not help you achieve an erection, it’s there to make sure your erection stays active. Second, it’s got its side effects – one man in ten reported headaches and dizzy spells, while far fewer men reported stomach problems, diarrhea, and nausea. Also, this drug should definitely not be combined with other drugs, especially if you are on medication that is related to heart issues.

It is necessary to calculate the dosage of taking the medicine based on this information!

Vialiks is actually Viagra and it is the same active substance (Sildenafil). It is available in three different dosages – a 25 mg, a 50 mg, and a 100 mg dosage. The pills are usually blue and oval, but there are also those that are made for women and these are pink and round. The dosage is engraved on one side of the pill. The dosage of 50 mg is usually the one that is prescribed by the doctors, but this may vary according to many factors such as your age, your overall health, and some other factors as well. Therefore, you should consult your doctor before starting the treatment.

If we take everything in the count, there are quite a few reasons for using this medication and some cases when it can’t be used safely. Consulting your doctor is always the best solution to avoid the dangers and to maximize the effects.

All in all, if you are not taking other drugs or suffering from any of the major diseases, you are eligible to start taking Vialiks and you need to know that it is only a matter of time when you are going to win the battle against erectile dysfunction and improve your sex life. These pills are the solution to one of the biggest problems in men and no matter if you are taking 25, 50 or 100 mg – you are going to forget about ED in a couple of days or even hours. Whether it’s caused by stress, genetic predisposition or simply old age, erectile dysfunction can be a huge problem for any man. What is even worse, is the fact that most of us can look forward to being its victims in the coming years, since there seems to be no way to avoid it. However, as you must know, there is a drug that can help us out. Truth be told, it doesn’t cure erectile dysfunction, but it does help to make it go away for some time, while we indulge in one of God’s greatest gifts to man.

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