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So, once you experience difficulties in having an erection, reasons for this may be various, and they are usually either psychological or physical. When the reason is of physical nature, this is when Vialiks can help. In fact, the problem then is that there is no sufficient amount of blood in your penis tissue and the muscles around your penis are constricted due to certain chemicals that are released into your blood flow. Therefore, you cannot get an erection. What Vialiks does is that it blocks the work of the mentioned chemicals and in this way, it helps the muscles around the penis relax. Consequently, there is room for more blood flow to enter the penis tissue and eventually, you will get an erection.

This problem may be in a young man. No need to wait until the problem becomes even more serious. Take Vialiks is not a shame! This effective medicine will begin to solve your problem right after taking the first pill. Do not aggravate your illness, and you will be able to cope with it on time.

It is not omnipotent

However, it is important to know that Vialiks does not work in case you are not sexually stimulated. This is because it is not a substance that can solve psychological problems if there are any. Anyway, the best time to take your pill is half an hour to one hour before the actual intercourse. It is then effective for the next four hours, but it gradually wears off after two hours have passed.

Thus, balancing certain chemicals and regulating the blood that flows into the penis, Vialiks is one of the top medications used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is the latest drug that has passed clinical trials, has proven its maximum effectiveness in the fight against sexual dysfunctions and has gained popularity in the market of drugs against erectile dysfunction. It has gained the trust of many, many satisfied customers around the world. What is even more important it has been clinically tested and it is completely safe to use. So, if you do have any problems with erectile dysfunction, rush to pharmacies, get your box of Sildenafil and start enjoying your sex life again.

For special people

Vialiks mustn’t be used by people whose vascular system can’t withstand the exertion of having sex. If the body is too damaged, it can lead to death. Also, if you are using blood pressure regulating drugs, you have to consult the medical staff. Using Vialiks together with drugs which are containing blood pressure may lead to severe blood pressure drops. Also, men who suffer from pulmonary arterial hypertension shouldn’t be using it as well. Usual dosages of Sildenafil pills are 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. Some of these three dosages will be enough for any man so you mustn’t take more than the top dosage. Also, it shouldn’t be taken more than once a day since it won’t increase the effect and will increase the side effects.

The results of Vialiks are great but still there is a list of diseases which are a clear sign that you shouldn’t start taking these pills if you are suffering from any of these diseases:

high blood pressure;

– liver or kidney diseases;

– a blood cell disorder;

– retinitis pigmentosa;

– if you had a recent history of a heart attack or a stroke…

Again, these are only some diseases and in case of any major disease, you will have to consult with your doctor first.

Vialiks isn’t the safest drug in the world and its intake should be strictly supervised, which is why the doctor will take all kinds of measurements and perform different tests on you before you’re allowed to use it. Tests include blood tests to determine hormone levels, physical examination to check for problems, psychoanalysis to see if the erectile dysfunction may have psychological underlying causes. Once the doctor is sure that you are healthy enough to treat yourself to Viagra, only then do you get to take the pill.

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*This information is provided by the medical officer Dr. Nathan Edouard, a licensed physician IRIMH Company. The NPI Number for Dr. Nathan Edouard is 1255679395 and he holds a License No. PS48399.